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My Picks: Best Headphones for iPhone 7

The most controversial change in the rumored iPhone 7 is that Apple might be getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack. So what should you do if you’re looking to buy a new pair of headphones now?Wireless headphones have dramatically improved over the past few years, and they’re no longer distorted the way they used to be. They’re also a lot better for running and physical activity in general.

Beats Studio Wireless Series

The Beats Studio Wireless is a very comfortable over-the-ear wireless headphone that offers excellent sound for a Bluetooth headphone and features active noise-canceling technology.

The headphones fold up into a more compact form factor and battery life is decent at 12 hours of wireless listening. They also worked well as a wireless headset for making cell-phone calls.

While its costly, the Beats Studio Wireless is an excellent wireless Bluetooth headphone.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Plantronics BackBeat Fit is a lightweight wireless stereo headset (with integrated microphone) that features a sweatproof design and decent sound.

It stays in your ears and most people should find it comfortable to wear. It also includes a reflective armband case for smartphones that doubles as a storage case for the headphones.

But there’s a drawback, while running, the cord (around the back of your neck) does flop around a bit, which may bother some people.

The BackBeat Fit may not be perfect, but it’s one of the best wireless sports headphones available.

LG Tone Infinim (HBS-900)

LG Tone Infinim Bluetooth headphone offers decent sound, retractable earbuds and strong battery life (up to 14 hours) in a lightweight, around-the-neck design. Its buttons are well positioned. It also has some nice extra features, include vibrate alert when a call comes in or you’re straying too far away from your phone.

It’s more expensive than other LG Tone stereo Bluetooth headsets, but the retractable earbud feature is nifty and will be worth the extra cost for a lot of people.

Jaybird X2

The Jaybird X2 has been in improved in a number of small ways from its predecessor, offering better sweat-proofing, a new matte finish, a more comfortable ear fin design, a better carrying case and improved battery life. It also sounds good and offers a reliable wireless connection.

The Jaybird X2 is an improvement over the Bluebuds X and one of the better wireless sports headphones out there — so long as you get a snug, comfortable fit.


The Sony MDR-10RBT gets you about 75 percent of the way to the Beats Studio Wireless for a lot less money.

The Sony MDR-10RBT is a well-designed Bluetooth headphone, sounds good for the money, and is comfortable to wear. Battery life is rated at a solid 17 hours and the headphones come with a carrying case.

For a Bluetooth headphone, the sound is quite decent. It isn’t quite as full, dynamic, or natural sounding as hat of the Beats Studio Wireless. Though, it’s a little bright, with some treble push and lots of bass. So it’s pretty forward sounding and lacks some warmth, but it works well with a variety of music, and seems to designed to appeal to mainstream users who prefer a little bit more of an “aggressive” sound to their headphone.

The headphones listed here are some of our favorite picks for wireless sound, and they all work with current iPhones as well as Android smartphones if you’re looking to pick up a pair right now.

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