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My Summer Travel Day 1: The Pink City, Jaipur : It was exhausting!

Jaipur, a place of some the most amazing architecture, unmatched tasty food and the birthplace of Bollywood’s most amazing and versatile actor, Irfan Khan.

Honestly I have visited Rajasthan four times before, but Jaipur had never been on my list of places to see. Why? Well Jaipur has always been a place I want to visit, it was just that I never got called by this Pink City to come and explore its beauty.

So lets talk about Jaipur,

Hmm, Jaipur I would say is the most beautiful city, though it has some really bad roads at places but it is equally developed from being the capital of Kachwaha Rajput to being the capital of Rajasthan. The foundation stone of this city was put up by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. It was kind off a replacement for Amer or Amber. Jaipur was Maharaja Jai Singh’s effort at making India’s first planned city!

This is how I spent my Day 1 of exploring some cities of North India.

Starting from Mumbai we took a flight to Jaipur. It was the part that exhausted me at the end of the day! The flight was a GoAir flight of about 1hr 30min, but that wasn’t what exhausted me. The flight was of 5:50am! I’ve never been a morning person and 5am is more of 12am to me! Come on the sun can’t be seen so its night,right?

We reached Jaipur city at 7:50 as our flight had been delayed due to technical issues(that’s what the pilot told the passengers!). As soon as we reached the Jaipur airport we drove off directly to our hotel, Sarovar Portico. So, Sarovar Portico is where I’m writing this right now! More about the hotel later.

Here we had our breakfast of idlis, chole-puri, paranthas, and some juices and drinks! We were in the restaurant for around 2 hours! Why? the hotel hadn’t readied our rooms yet.

So once we received our rooms we went on to our rooms and were chilling there for a while! At about 1pm we went to the pool cause the temperatures in Jaipur were rising! We spent about 2 hrs at the pool.

After swimming for 2hrs we were pretty hungry! So we went to LMB (Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar) to have some snacks. Honestly, the sweets are the only things that taste good out here! The curd used in Dahi Wadas was too sour, the papadi chat was tasteless! I could go on…

Once everyone was done, we left for Amer. Here we were to see the Amer Mahal, but ended up seeing some cottage industry all because of the Guide we had hired!

Luckily we didn’t miss the Sound and Light show at Amer. There are 2 show daily at Amer describing the history of Amer in 2 languages: English and Hindi. We went to see the Hindi show cause some people in our group wanted to hear Amitabh Bachchan’s voice!

So with the end of sound and light show I was personally not that overwhelmed. After the show we went back to our hotel.

On the way to the hotel I was pretty exhausted and the journey back seemed too long! At the comfort of my hotel room I had some soup and watched Shoojit Sircar’s Piku starring my favorite Deepika Padukone and Jaipur’s lad Irfan Khan. Coincidence?

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