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My Summer Travel Day 2: Jaipur Sightseeing; Off to Chandigarh

If you missed the Day 1 check it out here. So as all know the first day was exhausting for me. But the second day went to be pretty exciting. So we woke up aaram se (at our own pace), had breakfast freshened up and were ready to check out more of Jaipur by 10am. We checked out of our hotel and boarded the bus to do some sightseeing.

Firstly we went to visit a Jain Temple which was located around our hotel.
As we were in a hurry, we decided to visit Jantar Mantar and Jaipur City Palace on our way to the railway station. What you just went to these two places? Why? Is something wrong with you? I know, Sorry Jaipur I couldn’t be with you much but it was just a one day stay for me at the Pink City, Jaipur.
So here’s what I did at The City Palace and Jantar Mantar,

Jantar Mantar

A UNESCO Heritage Site, Jantar Mantar is one of the five astronomical observatories throughout west central India made by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II.

The large geometric formations are the main attractions of this historical structure, jutting out independently with staircases that lead to nowhere and in what would appear to be a random manner.

The observatory is a wonder to architects and as well as artists, and today, it is presented to audiences as an all-encompassing experience, complete with time-lapse sequences, drawings and 3D models to showcase this historical site.More about it later.

The City Palace

Built with highly trained architectural experience, the City Palace is a combination of Rajput, Mogul and European styles and is another stunning example of Jaipur’s royal influences over the years. The City Palace was another masterpiece made during Jai Singh II reign, and is located in the heart of the city near the Jantar Mantar. Today, part of the City Palace is home to the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum, which showcases historical relics and art from the city and the region. More details later.
As soon as we completed our walk through the City Palace, everyone was hungry and we were getting late to reach the station at the same time. So we decided we’ll have our lunch on the way to the station at some dhaba our driver said is a good place. The local population is both curious and welcoming, giving even the bustle of daily life a cheerful aura.The Dhaba whose name I forget in the hurry to reach the station was awesome! And it prepared the best Indian Jain food we had eaten from the moment we had reached Jaipur.
Now we just ran off to catch our train to Chandigarh, it was 4pm when we left the dhaba and the train was to leave at 4:40. And then came the villain every person in Mumbai constantly faces, THE TRAFFIC!
 We were stuck in the traffic for around 30 mins, but we boarded the train luckily! But where are you off to?
Well, we are going to Kasauli next, so we leave for Chandigarh.

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