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My Summer Travel Day 3,4,5: Kasauli; Back to Chandigarh;

If you missed the Day 2 check it out here. Well, the journey till now has been quite tiring, Been to 2 cities till now. So I arrived at Chandigarh at 5am and immediately left for Kasauli, a weekend getaway for most in the north, but it was for me a mid-week getaway.

Fact Time:
Kasauli is in Himachal Pradesh, about 55 kms from Chandigarh and can be reached both by train and by road. It is about 316 kms from Delhi.

We planned on going by road. We started our road trip till we reached Dharampur from where we took the left cut from the main highway for Kasauli.

We made a stop at The Deck, Timber Trail Resort to have some tea as we hadn’t slept the whole night.The road is good, but what is worth seeing is the scenery through the road. We reached Kasauli at around 8am. We checked-in to Kasauli Resort and went to our rooms to freshen-up. At around 10am we went to have our breakfast and all of us went on to chat till around 2pm.

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Later, we decided to check out the Kasauli Market and some spots around. I had no idea about the places I wanted to see, and after a quick chat with the hotel staff I was told that a bus comes every 5-10 mins near our hotel which could drop us at Kasauli Market.

After missing about 5 buses, as we didn’t know they were the buses we needed to board, we decided to walk to the market. We strolled off to the market and reached it in half an hour. The walk was the most amazing thing.

A stroll through the market was also a treat. The narrow streets dotted with small shops, even narrower cobbled lanes where store owners greeted customers was so different from the fast-pace living in the city. This slow laid back atmosphere was a perfect experience for me after my exams.

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We later returned to our hotel room and after a good night’s sleep we again left in the bus to Kasauli Market, this time to the Manki Point which is located in the ‘Air Force Station’ near the Lower Mall region. The view from the top was mesmerising.

The trek up and down made us hungry and we attacked the nearest canteen like place to eat some Maggi. Of course, a journey to a hill station doesn’t end till we eat Maggi there! 😛

We are not always looking for some things to happen, we end up doing them. While walking through the upper mall road we came to a small picnic point and realised that we have reached the Sunset Point! It was beautiful and the place had some local couples enjoying their time. I was captivated by the almost blue skies and the clean air that smelled sweet- so different from the pollution that hangs over Mumbai. Continuing further we realised that we have reached a point beyond which there was no entry for the civilians and thus went back to our rooms.

Now it was Day 3 at Kasauli and after completing our check out procedures we drove down to Chandigarh.

If you plan a getaway to Kasauli, please don’t incarcerate yourself to your hotel room. Go Explore! Scout around the town, explore its tiny, winding lanes, quaint cottages with pretty little gardens. Breathe in the sweet, clean air and enjoy this little hill station’s charm.

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