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My Views: 12 best tech gifts to give your Valentine this year.

This Valentine’s Day, though I’m gonna be alone, I don’t want my readers to be so. So I’m giving you my list on the best tech gifts you could give the person you love- this Valentine’s Day. This is based on a research I’ve been doing from the past few months. Here are my selections…. Give me your Gift Ideas as well maybe they could help…

1. IDAPT Universal Charger

Nothing says “we’re a couple” like charging your devices together. But what if you’re an iOS and your girlfriend/boyfriend is an Android? Or perhaps a BlackBerry? No worries if you get an IDAPT i4 charger, capable of charging up to four different types of devices simultaneously. You can upgrade too — your sweetie or your charger. IDAPT is now selling the Lightning charger for the iPhone 5.

 Price: $44.99

2.QR Code Jewelry

QR codes are a girl’s best friend. A necklace with a customized code on the charm is great gift with a tech quirk.

Price: $95 – $135

3. Smartphone Charger Case 

A smartphone charger case is a great and practical gift to give to someone you care about. Sure, it’s not the most romantic thing in the world, but the recipient will thank you every time his or her phone starts to die, and then comes roaring back to life. It’s literally a gift that will keep on giving.

Price: $80 – $120

 4. Kindle Paperwhite

A voracious reader will love getting a brand new Kindle Paperwhite. If you’re feeling particularly giving, load that gadget up with his or her favorite books — and maybe even a few romance novels.

Price: $119

5. Pebble

If your Valentine is more high-tech and less-geek, consider some of these coveted tech gifts. The Pebble watch connects to a smartphone, pushing notifications straight to the wearer’s wrist. Want to track your runs, get notified when your team scores, or kick off voice nav without touching your phone? You’ll find the app for that in the Pebble appstore. Discover thousands of apps and watch faces to customize Pebble to fit your life.


6. Holga Smartphone Lens

For the photography and Instagram aficionado, pick up a Holga smartphone lens kit. It’ll turn all your loved one’s photos into trippy, color-drenched snapshots reflective of a more retro era.

Price: $26.99

7. Thumbs Up Touch Boom Box

For a speaker that’s no-fuss, look to the Thumbs Up Touch Boom Box. It’s completely wireless and compatible with most smartphones. Granted, it won’t be loud enough to power a party, but it’s perfect to provide a soundtrack for an intimate night in with your valentine.

Price: $35.50

8. Wi-Fi and 2GB USB Cufflinks

Here’s something that’ll turn him into a dapper, modern-day Don Draper. These cufflinks are a Wi-Fi hotspot and have 2GB of space — perfect for someone on the go who needs to save something quickly. Plus, they don’t look half bad.

Price: $250

This one’s a bit of a splurge but can you really put a price on your loved one’s piece of mind? Apparently, you can and that price is hefty $500 but if money is no object this Valentine’s Day, surprise your lady love and/or gentleman caller with this biometric fingerprint wallet that only they can open.

Price: $500

10. Kate Spade USB Ring

In the immortal words of Beyoncé, if you liked it, then you shoulda put a ring on it. Don’t miss your chance with this USB ring from Kate Spade, which is both adorable and functional. While it comes with only a modest 4GB, what it lacks in storage space, it makes up for in style.

Price: $50.00

11. Gamer Cufflinks

Add a subtle geeky touch to you or your partner’s formal wear with these SNES controller cufflinks from Bazinga Jewelry. The shop also carries cufflinks inspired by the original Nintendo console, Sega’s Megadrive, and Xbox, a selection that will satisfy the sartorial whims of any gamer.

Price: $19.95

12. iNecklace

This open-source electronic pendant is more than just a pretty trinket. With the source code, circuit board files, schematics and CAD files conveniently posted on GitHub, the iNecklace lets you design a customizable flashing LED pattern that’s as unique as your one and only.

Price: $74.99

 Readers, your suggestions are welcome…

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