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Nokia I miss you already.

We’ve all got someone in our life who delights in rejecting new technology. Perhaps this is you. This is the person who is still using an ancient Nokia handset and goes on and on about how much they love it and would never, ever have one of these awful smartphone things. They’ll deliberately get all the names wrong – FaceSpace (Facebook + Myspace) , BlueBerry (BlackBerry) or A Mango (Its an Apple..Dude!!)

Mentioning Nokia, Yes Nokia was acquired by Microsoft recently.

Oh Nokia, I will miss you so much!

Once a Favorite, now a goodbye!

Do you remember your first phone? For many of us it may have been a Nokia. Cast your mind back through the mists of time, to an era before the iPhones, or before Androids. Hard to picture, The Nokia 3310 debuted the following year, replacing the equally iconic 3210 in the year 1999. With Snake 2 built-in, the curvy 3310 went on to sell 126 million units worldwide.
 The Nokia 6110, 6810 and 3310 were particularly popular in the late 90s, especially because of those ‘designer’ interchangeable covers that you could buy for them. 
Nokia was until a few short years ago the biggest mobile phone company in the world. Even after the iPhone transformed the phone market by making smartphones mainstream, Nokia managed to hold the crown largely thanks to all the feature phones it sold in emerging markets like India.

The first Smartphone I have ever seen was the Nokia Communicator 9000 from the movie — you guessed it movie buffs— the movie called “The Saint” starring Val Kilmer… when he was still a “cool dude”, wasn’t he?

Then, a year after came the Symbian Operating System. This was the world’s first personal encounter with a true Smartphone and I personally loved it a lot. It was the first time The World had experienced a first-hand  reality of having a phone that could work as a mini-computer. We could view and edit Word, Excel or even a Powerpoint… We could even play games (colored Java games were amazing, weren’t they?) that are more advanced than the “snake”… We could do Video Calls… One could do many amazing things through many Java Applications like tracking my expenses… We could multi-task — Browse the web while on speaker phone… heck, We could even run PAMP (Personal Apache-Mysql-PHP) and maintain a webserver… all of this from just a phone.

Finland’s Nokia, the giant of the mobile industry before Apple turned everything upside down, reacted slowly to the iPhone and have in the last few years been overtaken by upstarts such as Samsung and HTC, driven by Google’s Android software.

Instead of joining the Android pack, Nokia in 2011 opted for Microsoft’s Windows Phone instead. That relationship led to Nokia’s phone business being sold to Microsoft. 
 By the time Stephen Elops became the new CEO of Nokia, Symbian was to be a forgotten System… yes, Nokia was still developing it, but everyone who has some knowledge in smartphone systems knows it… and with all the rumors about Elops being a Trojan Horse sent by Microsoft to Nokia, I feared for its future.

The surprise was not the emotion I had upon learning of Microsoft’s intention to buy Nokia for only 7.2 billion dollars. Why did Nokia exclusively make Windows Phones in the first place? Why did they not make Android Phones? If Nokia exclusively made Windows Phone, then Microsoft should have agreed to exclusively supply Windows System to Nokia only… seems fair, right? With the way, Nokia designs it’s phones…. its robustness, its classy looks … I wouldn’t be surprised too, had Nokia made Android Phones and reclaim its throne as the number one smartphone maker.

Then came November 2013, Nokia shareholders denounce Microsoft’s deal and go ahead with project Mountain View. I would gladly buy a Nokia Android Smartphone. Comparing it to Samsung and HTC? well… there is no game… Nokia’s only fault was sticking to an old System that could not handle user demands anymore. Nokia was the first smartphone creator and innovator, now, it should adopt the new game and innovate some more, right?

As it attempts to establish Windows Phone in the smartphone market Microsoft had also decided to quietly erase the Nokia brand from its phones, bringing the curtain down on one of the most iconic mobile phone brands ever….certainly for phone fans of around the world.
Meanwhile, Nokia continues as a company selling telecoms equipment, but not phones. The Finnish company has been through some big changes since it started out making rubber boots in 1865 — check out the fascinating history of this venerable brand in CNET’s video made just before Nokia adopted Windows Phone…

As its tagline has been, “Connecting People”, It had over the years connected people from all sectors of the world. I will Miss You Nokia..!!!

Here’s Nokia over the years… From a shoe factory to a Lumia Phone…
 Do you miss Nokia? Write down your views below…
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