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On a vacation? Here are 4 Tips For Managing a Beard Itch

One of the most popular reasons why guys give up on growing that luxurious beard, they simply can not stand the constant itching. So if you are going on a vacation, the first few days of the weeks that you are trying to grow that beard creates itchiness that can literally become so severe that you swear you will never grow that beard again.

Even though the itching is temporary, most men can not power through that stage and ruin their holidays and their newly found luxurious look! There are times you may get rashes, so when the rash becomes unbearable, you just have to find out the ways for managing beard itch. So here are ways to stay away from this itchiness, while you’re traveling!

Tip #1 Stay away from razor

Many men experience itchiness during first stages of growing their beard. This is a common reaction of the skin to new “hairy” environment that will eventually stop bothering you. Stay determined!

Tip #2 Maintain moisture balance

Unfortunately, sometimes your beard takes away all moisture from the skin underneath. Dryness can cause itchy beard and should be defeated with the help of hydrating products.

Tip #3 Avoid harsh products

Say “no” to products containing harsh ingredients, chemicals or alcohols because they will cause even more discomfort. Look for something soothing and soft.

Tip #4 Keep your hands off

Terrible itch definitely causes a desire to scratch your beard making a situation only worse. Your nails will irritate your skin even more, thus making you suffer.

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