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Pack these 7 dresses for the next holiday you take

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We’ve all been told to travel light – but going on a holiday calls for lots of pictures and most us won’t be caught dead photographed in the same dress twice. The savior for all of us who think along similar lines is a dress! A dress does not take up too much space – so you can pack in as many as you like and manage to squeeze in a change for the same day if you are smart. Dresses look great no matter where you wear them to, so of course, the pictures will turn out great. They are comfortable to wear, so going around the whole day in them will be a breeze and a half!

Here are seven dresses that will save you from the traveling light distress!

A sheath dress

sheath dress

Conservative and feminine, a sheath dress will see you in good stride on your vacation. Perfect to be worn during the day and ideal to be dressed up with at night, when you pack a sheath dress, you won’t regret it. This is the dress where you can experiment with a variety of colors and patterns that you have been wondering about when on your online dress shopping hunts. The silhouette is great and therefore the results look spectacular too.

A white lace dress

white lace dress

There’s something about a white lace dress, flowers in your hair and curling your toes in the sand. It’s one of those feelings that we crave for too often. Pack this dress without second-guessing yourself and don’t be surprised if strangers come up to you and compliment you or if you become the muse of some local artist or the day! For best results, try and wear a knee length or shorter yet number. If you don’t have one, buy such dresses online at a great deal.

A red gown

red gown

While you are on an online dress shopping spree, picking up a red gown. When you go about exploring the bylanes and nook and crannies of the destination of your choice, do so in a red gown. Trust us and you’ll find yourself being invited into people’s homes and even in shops. The undeniable power that a red dress brings along is worth your time and baggage space!

An A-line dress

a-line dress

This is a dress that anyone and everyone can wear. When you buy dresses online, don’t think twice about an A-line dress. It’s one of the most lucid garments that you can carry with you on your vacation, and if push comes to shove, make sure you hang onto this one and let go of some other ensemble.

A cocktail dress

cocktail dress

Perfect for when you want to catch up with some friends over a drink or want to go to a date with a local hottie – the cocktail dress is a wingman that you should not miss out on having by your person, especially in a foreign location.

A shirt dress

shirt dress

Scrounge the best deals on souvenirs and local produce in a comfortable yet stylish shirt dress that spells vacation time. Try and get one in a chequered pattern or a solid color for best effects.

A kaftan dress

kaftan dress

Perfect to soak up the sun and bronze up in, a kaftan dress with your glares and a sun hat will set the mood for a relaxing day and vacation all along. Don’t shy away from getting one in bold prints – from floral to geometrical. Be on the lookout for these when online dress shopping.

Don’t forget to share your experiences and some great pictures with us. Happy Holidays!

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