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Paper Boat Chikki… A Nutty Start to the New Year!

Hector Beverages, the maker that brought in a trunk full of memories, nostalgia and most importantly some refreshing juices under its ethnic Indian beverage brand Paper Boat, has come up with yet another one of my cravings, the Chikki!

When Live Mint asked Neeraj Kakkar, chief executive of Hector Beverages Pvt. Ltd. about the reason behind choosing a Chikki over any other food product to enter the snack category, he says, “Our overall thesis is that we are protectors of traditional recipes. We intend to keep launching old, traditional recipes in contemporary packing. We did this first on the drinks side because of our background in beverages.

So chikki is the first snack we are launching and are contemporizing it“, he adds.

So, what’s a chikki you ask? Chikki is the perfect concoction of peanuts and jaggery, made to make crisp, crunchy and sweet. And the Paper Boat Chikki provides the same desi taste of the chikki you’d probably get from Lonavala’s Maganlal Chikki! To top it all, the authentic taste of chikki hasn’t tampered at all.

And worry not, all this is available for just Rs 10! For this price, you get a Chikki slab smaller than a smartphone.

I’ve got one more good news, coming summer, we may soon get a taste of Paper Boat Aam Papad 😋

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