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Places to visit before you are Back To School; Best Holiday Destinations For June!

I don’t wanna depress you, but it’s the end of May… So? So, it means your vacations are almost over… I know that feeling, even I have a college to go to… Pretty heartbreaking, right? Well, I would say CHEER UP! You still got some days left, so why not enjoy it by visiting the beach you had wished to visit at the start of the vacations or take your backpack to somewhere colder(than Mumbai, Delhi!) and never return!

I got you covered on all the places… So read on!

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Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

This ones for the guys who wanted to visit a beach. I know Bali is near the equator and the temperatures are soaring round the year, but I’d say June is the best time to visit this city, June is not part of the rainy season, though the rain never seems to be too far away.But the island is well adapted to the quick downfalls, so things get right back to normal again pretty quick.

Húsavík, Iceland

Ever wished you could see the greatest creature on earth under a midnight sun? Yes! Then you should surely take a trip to Húsavík, just south of the Arctic Circle on Iceland’s north coast.Whale populations in the Skjálfandi Bay are strong despite the 2006 lift on the whaling ban, and chances of seeing some action on a half-day trip are high. The area is known for minke whales, but you can sometimes see humpbacks, orcas, and the phenomenally large blue whales, which are commonly spotted in June.(How do I know it all? Well, honestly I googled it!) White-beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises are a frequent sight, too, and if you don’t see a whale on a trip with some tour operators, they book you on another one, free of charge.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

So, you aren’t the beach type? So you love photography? Well, Yellowstone National Park in the northwest of Wyoming is the place for you!Yellowstone is the largest and oldest National Park in the USA, established in 1872. June is one of the best times to spot wildlife here: gangly, long-limbed bighorn lambs and elk calf is taking their early steps, grizzly bears are on the prowl and wildflowers are sprinkled across the lower mountain slopes. Yellowstone also has a host of year-round geothermal attractions (the park contains over half of the world’s geysers), of which Old Faithful is perhaps the most popular. Local schools are out by now, but two million acres can absorb quite a few crowds.

Sweden, Europe

Why not go mad for Midsummer in Sweden. Not just a mere date to the Swedes, Midsummer is when the whole country celebrates the long days of summer.

It usually falls around 19–25 of June, so be there in time for a Midsummer’s Eve party in the countryside or any outdoor space in fact. There are celebrations organized at the open-air Skansen Museum in Stockholm, but the best local shindigs happen out West, in more rural spots like Tjorn Island (roughly 90 minutes from Gothenburg). Expect maypole dancing, ‘firewater’ shots, flower garlands and feasts that last from afternoon until evening.

Dras, Jammu and Kashmir, India

So you were planning to visit a place cooler than your hot or humid city? Then you should surely visit Dras. Where is Dras? Dras is a lonely town in the infamous Kargil district of Jammu and Kashmir. Why do I visit it? It is known to be the coldest place in India and often touted as second to the coldest place inhabited on Earth. The average lows are as much as -22°c. Well, you were the one who asked for a cool place to visit!Dras is convenient for treks to Amarnath, Suru valley, and Saliskot. Deserves a visit in summer for people of Mumbai, doesn’t it?