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Reasons Why You Should Create a Bucket List

Have you’ll ever watched the movie starring, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson?

What was its name? Yes, it was named The Bucket List’.

This movie is completely based on Two terminally ill men escaping from a cancer ward and heading off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

So if this explains it all… Go and check out the movie.

Well, this isn’t about the movie, but it’s all about living your dreams.

Creating a bucket list of places you want to go or things you want to do can be a very helpful tool towards attaining your life goals. Having one gives you a master list of things you want to do before your time in this world ends. Its like predicting the future… Your own future!

It may also help you sort out your plans, in a step by step process. It also gives you the ability to break down your goals into smaller and more doable activities. Apart from these, there are other reasons why you should create one, here are the top ones:

Live a meaningful and memorable life

It’s the main reason for having a list, in the first place! As I mentioned above the most important reason for making a Bucket List is to ultimately achieve your goals. When you set your goals, you get a chance to plan out a way towards attaining them.

To live a meaningful or memorable life doesn’t mean that you have to do everything you wanted to do. Even achieving a small part of it will give you a sense of satisfaction. That feeling alone is a  reward for your achievement.


Having specific goals written down will help you stay focused. When the daily routines of life set in, it can be easy to let the days pass without taking much thought for your goals and desires.

Use the items on your bucket list to keep yourself focused. Make an effort to accomplish something small each day, week and month. You will find that you have attained great successes as the years pass.

One strategy you could follow is that of charting out a monthly plan. Write down two or three goals or experiences from my bucket list and work hard throughout the month to make it happen.

Boost your drive towards attaining a goal

When you have a bucket list, you have a life booster. Why?

Because having a bucket list would require you to assess where you currently are and determine the distance that separates you from your goal.

When you are aware of these 2 things, you may be able to ask yourself – am I doing the things I want? Or am I doing things right for me to reach my goals?

Help you remember things!

Even though we humans have a well-developed brains, their many chances of you forgetting to live your life to the fullest!

With a bucket list, you can write down the things that need to be remembered at the moment you are thinking about them. You can then have no worries about forgetting your thoughts or ideas because you’ve already documented them. Occasionally you should revisit your wants and figure out if they’re still relevant in your life.

So I’d conclude saying, creating a bucket list will give your life a direction, focus, and purpose. Never waste your time waiting for life to teach you lessons, experience life and learn the lessons! You are the creator of your life! You must design each moment that you want to experience.

As you refine your own bucket list, encourage your family members to create one of their own. As you share your lists with each other, you can help support and encourage one another and experience more of the richness life has to offer.

I’d be helping you’ll out in creating a bucket list… You could always take inspiration from my list!

This is the space on the World Wide Web where I’ll be listing down my wish-list or the Bucket List.. See you Around!

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