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Review 3-in-1 smartphone camera lens kit

Many of may own a camera, but it isn’t always portable. It won’t make any sense to go to some random place with that Canon Powershot SX60 HS you own! Not taking into account the other accessories you need to tuck into your bag along with it such as thelenses, the filters, the remote shutter release, the lens hoods and so on.

Of course these days, many people carry a half-decent camera with them at all times, in their smartphones. These cameras aren’t very versatile, but they’re convenient because they’re almost always at hand and easy to take at places. So here comes the entry of a Mobile Lens.

This 3-in-1 camera kit, which I bought from Flipkart was like any other Chinese product can be found for sale, under various different “brand names”. The one’s I bought were from “Suroskie” The kit arrived in a pretty neat box, with no manufacturer claiming responsibility I think is a shame, considering the fact that they were rather extraordinary.

The contents of the box were quite simple, on the top were the three lenses, a bag and a clip. The bag doubles as a lens cleaning cloth(Well I think so!). The clip, with rubber pads, enables you to attach the lenses to any mobile phone or tablet without damaging them.

The 3 lenses included were: Fisheye, Macro and Wide Angle Lenses

The lenses and the clip are all sturdy plastic, with a solid feel to them. They can be purchased in variety of colors, but I went for red, which I think suits my personality.

With the Fish Eye Lens, you can see the image with the range of 180 degrees from the right to the left on your phone. With the macro lens, a picture can be taken of a tiny object clearly in the details. The wide angle lens is suitable to take pictures of large ranges, such group of lens.

In Short,This 3 in 1 Clip-On lens will shed a whole new perspective on your Phone photography experience!

I’d say to anyone who takes the slightest interest in phone-based photography – get this kit. You won’t regret it. It’s an absolute bargain, well made and practical. As this price, what do you have to lose?

Photo Samples:

Fisheye Lens:

With Lens
Without Lens

Macro Lens:

With Lens
Without Lens

Wide-Angle Lens:

With Lens
Without Lens
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