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Seven Cool Travel Haircuts

Seven Best haircuts For Travelling
Are you going for a trip and want to change your haircut to make your style more comfortable? Here you can find really cool men travel haircuts provided by the best Chelsea barbers NYC.

#1 For long hair

Brock O'Hurn
If you were growing your tresses for 3 years, there is no reason to cut them! Yes, long hair can make your life hard during the vacation, but thanks God it is 2017! You can make a simple bun or a stylish tail, which will prevent sweating and save you in a really hot weather.

#2 Bald, but still cool

bruce willis
For really cool guys, who don’t afraid to change their style totally, the best decision will be to trim all the hair and be bald. Just imagine how the fresh wind will air your skin. Doesn’t it sound nice? Moreover, you can flesh out your look with a brutal bristle to make a ‘natural’ man style.

#3 Trim sides and long fringe

Trim sides and long fringe
A cool hairstyle for young and modern guys. Such style won’t let you sweat, moreover, it doesn’t need special caring, just don’t forget to take a headband to make your vacation more comfortable.

#4 Tapered haircut

George Clooney
It is a very handy hairstyle because you really don’t need to brush it! Just use your hand as a brusher and voila! Your hair looks so stylish and fresh again!

#5 Long on top

men's top knot hairstyles
Trim your hair at the both sides of the head and let your mane grow on the top! The great thing is that you can make a stylish bun or tail if you do something and don’t want your hair to hinder you. And of course, you can let them wave in the air.

#6 Side part hairstyle + taper

David Beckham
Simple and stylish. For guys who don’t like to be too extraordinary, but appreciate the fashion and comfort at the same time.

#7 Curly side part hair style

Tom Chapman
For those luckies who have got curly locks! Don’t cut them all, girls really like to touch soft curls. Just make a stylish haircut with a trimming one side of the head!
Pretty simple and stylish haircuts for travelling, don’t you think so?
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