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Spending hours on a Trip!

It takes hours and, sometimes, days to reach the final destination of your trip. To retain the positive mood and the anticipation of something great to happen, you need to know how to spend these hours of a lingering transfer.

1. Beneficial activities

You can benefit from the time you have rather than wasting it. Remind yourself the plan and think of the sights you will see or visit, the routes you are going to pass, and how it is all distributed in your schedule. Whether the place you are going to visit is a midtown hair salon NYC or the Central Park, your anticipation will be enhanced, and you will benefit from the positive emotions. Another good option is to read more about the country you are going to and start learning the basics of their language if it’s foreign. Noting down phrases you learn prevents you from getting lost or misunderstood in a foreign region.

2. Recreation

We tend to choose the recreation option as it is so tempting. But how to get the most we can by using the time? Plan ahead, write down all the movies you have wanted to watch during workdays, read the reviews and bring the best ones with you. The same is about books. Music is also great, but it doesn’t grab as much attention, and you may still feel not focused. A great option is to bring games for groups of a single opponent. A card deck is a classic one, but you can also bring even portable gaming devices. Just make sure everything you take for such a purpose is handy.

3. Communicate and admire

If the conversation start naturally or you are fairly interested in the person sitting next to you, let it go with the flow. The greatest thing is engaging yourself in conversations with people you have never met because you have an unlimited fund of topics to discuss. Nevertheless, be polite and know how to conduct yourself, especially with people deriving from a different culture. The opposite option is to look through your window and admire the scenery. If you travel by train, you can look for a better observation spot in a different tail and simultaneously renew the blood flow in your body.

Remember that you can always sleep. Sleeping increases your vital strengths to face any obstacles which may occur.

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Jessica Carter
Graduated from UAL (University of Art London) with a specialization in Fashion Journalism. Living in NYC and practicing skills received there. Tries writing about fashion trends for different magazines and websites. Also, interested in traveling, and my dream is to travel around the whole globe. Already been to Norway, France, German, Poland, and Morocco. Visiting India soon. Planning to write a book about her adventures in different countries.