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Review : Nvidia GTX 980Ti

Last year, Nvidia had launched its GTX 980, which was followed by the GTX TITAN X which had three times the video memory that was seen on the GTX 980. Targetted more at the high-end gaming and professional audience, the GTX TITAN X costs double that of GTX 980. Clearly, there

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UnSend.it Lets You Unsend Or Edit Emails You Wish You Didn’t Send

Only if there were few unpleasant things than that sinking feeling I experience after accidentally sending an unintended e-mail to unintended recipients. One fatal click can make the next day at School/College/Work incredibly awkward! Gmail has an “unsend” feature, but it’s only available for a few seconds and, of course, restricted

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My Views: 10 hacks every Android user should know!

Since Android is an open platform, there’s plenty of room for customization. Beyond personalizing your phone, there are a few easy practices that can keep your phone neat and organized with plenty of battery life to last all day. Here are 10 tips and tricks every Android user should know. 1. Set

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