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Review: OnePlus 3; Third time’s a charm?

Bored of Reading? Check out my Video on the phone: Third time's a charm, right? Well, that's what OnePlus seems to have done with its third-generation flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 3. True to its 'Never Settle' mantra, OnePlus is pushing forward with its 'flagship specs for half the price' marketing plan, and

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Review : Nvidia GTX 980Ti

Last year, Nvidia had launched its GTX 980, which was followed by the GTX TITAN X which had three times the video memory that was seen on the GTX 980. Targetted more at the high-end gaming and professional audience, the GTX TITAN X costs double that of GTX 980. Clearly, there

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Review: Micromax Canvas Knight 2

As a mobile phone manufacturer, Micromax has come a long way. It is among the top 10 manufacturers across the globe. In India, depending on how you factor in the numbers, it is among the top 2 smartphone manufacturers. Besides, it got Hugh Jackman to endorse its range of smartphones.

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