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Battle of the Midrangers: Xiaomi Mi4 and Micromax Canvas Knight 2!

+Gundu Yapral one of my readers requested me to compare the mid-rangers Xiaomi Mi4 and the newly launched Micromax Canvas Knight 2. As I couldn't write the review about the Xiaomi Mi4. I found this as an amazing opportunity to provide you'll with my views on both the Smartphones! Micromax has officially forayed

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Review: Micromax Canvas Knight 2

As a mobile phone manufacturer, Micromax has come a long way. It is among the top 10 manufacturers across the globe. In India, depending on how you factor in the numbers, it is among the top 2 smartphone manufacturers. Besides, it got Hugh Jackman to endorse its range of smartphones.

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UnSend.it Lets You Unsend Or Edit Emails You Wish You Didn’t Send

Only if there were few unpleasant things than that sinking feeling I experience after accidentally sending an unintended e-mail to unintended recipients. One fatal click can make the next day at School/College/Work incredibly awkward! Gmail has an “unsend” feature, but it’s only available for a few seconds and, of course, restricted

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Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi App: a Quick Review of the Official App

A Quick Review of The Official App by India's "responsive" Leader I am referring to all app developer’s buzzword. Responsive is one that adapts itself to devices and screen sizes. It’s the latest buzzword in the technology space. Indeed, Narendra Modi is present on screens across all form factors. However, the term

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