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The Dance Bible- Dance has a NEW Address!

Dance, a thing every Indian enjoys doing! Be it in a wedding or just when your friend passes an exam! ‘Party tho Banti hai!’(We need to Party!), And what’s a party without music and Dance!

Type the word Dance Bible and you come across this pretty exciting website, ‘The Dance Bible’.
The catchiest thing about ‘The Dance Bible’ is its tagline,

Connecting ‘You’ with ‘Dance’

Here we together will find out the small details of Dance! Let’s review the website and get an idea about their plan!


Each and every aspect of the website is detailed. I’d like to appreciate the website-makers, the website is created by some pretty creative minds! Honestly, it’s the way a website catches our attention is what matters in the end!

The design of this website is simple, yet elegant. The little icons that link to further pages on the website give you a brief idea of the contents and yet leave you guessing. (*And that’s appreciable!)

Now let’s look at some sections of the website!


‘Home is where the heart is!’, is a well-known quote, but this website has changed the meaning of this quote! The Home page gives us an idea of all the vital roles of the website, yet keeps in us a wish to see more!

The Home has links to the major pages in the website and each of it has a caption describing the link

About Us

It’s similar to every other About Us pages, it gives us an idea about the website

Dance Zone

This menu has all the main stuff of the website! It has a sub-menu with options such as Dance Styles, Dance Anatomy, Some Videos and Audios related to Dance, and much more…

Dance Styles and Anatomy

As the name suggests, it gives us information related to some dance forms. The website currently isn’t well updated But I’m sure many more dance forms will be added in the future!

No, I didn’t know there was a dance form named Flamenco! Thank You, The Dance Bible!

Each of these can further be clicked to get more information about the dance forms, such as their origins and places where it is mainly a dance form!

The Anatomy section explains us the Science behind Dance! Importance of various anatomies to develop your weaknesses and strengthen-up your strengths!

The Other sections of the website are:

The Sections that impressed me!

There were three sections that were more then Awesome!

  1. Dance Portfolio– This section, allows a dancer to create his/her profile so that He/she can tell their dance story, upload photos and videos of dance and any other details of their choice.This could help the dancer create an online identity for the world to know about them and increase their popularity. Also, they can view Portfolios’ of other dancers and thus know more about dancers of similar styles.
  2. Dance Forum– As everyone is aware, India is changing. Social Networking is the key factor nowadays. The website also as a Forum which would enable dancers to interact with each other. This will lead to knowledge sharing and better connecting.
  3. Dance Memes– The cute part of this website is definitely the inclusion of dance memes and dance quotes. The memes are cute and the quotes are truly inspiring and great. This inclusion adds an entertaining bit to the website.

I really liked the website and believe there should be more websites like this, I would rate it a 4 out of 5 for its splendid concept and design.

There is much more in this website. It is an amazing platform I believe and will revolutionize the industry. All you guys who like dancing, or have friends/family members into dancing, get them registered on “The Dance Bible” website and connect on “The Dance Bible” Facebook Page. Happy Dancing!

Let know about your views on this website in the comments!
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