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Top 3 Hair Care Tips For Humid Climate

We all love to spend our vacation in some warm and sunny place near a blue ocean. Planning a vacation in warm, tropical climate women should consider the fact that permanent hot and moist affect your hair pretty much and cause a lot of problems. Moreover, it can ruin it all with constant frizz, tangles and other problems that make you spent hours in front of a mirror trying to make it look nice. Check out our three basic hair care tips for saving your hair and vacation from humid disaster.

#1 More moisture

It may surprise you, but in humid climate your hair needs more moisture than usual. The dryer your locks are, the harder it will be for you to comb and detangle them. If you want to protect your hair from bad influence of tropical climate, make sure you use good conditioner which nourishes and moisturizes your hair well. Dry hair absorbs moisture very fast, so don’t neglect this rule.

#2 Air dry

Say no to hot tools and a blow dryer. Of course, it is very hard for women not to use all this stuff, because they have a lot of advantages. You can wash your hair and be ready to go in 20 minutes, with the blow dryer. Or you can change your style and become funny curly girl or just the opposite – strict and straight lady. But, as we already said in the first item, heat is no good for you. Such tools will make your hair very dry and damaged, even with all these protecting serums and sprays.

#3 Silicone balms

Silicone balms are a wonderful thing for protecting your hair in a humid climate. They can create a real miracle with your hair. Such balms keep moisture inside of your hair and prevent atmospheric dampness from interfering. But, be careful and do not overdo with silicone! In other cases, your hair will look greasy and lifeless.

So, travel with pleasure and don’t let any problems ruin your vаcations. Use our tips and your hair will always look amazing, no matter where you are.

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