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Top 5 Football Stadiums in UK

Top 5 Football Stadiums in UK

Football is one of the most popular sports in the United Kingdom. So by default large number of the masses travel to the UK to check out a football match. According to facts around 750,000 people visit the UK every year to watch a football match! So the Kingdom of Great Britain does have some of the most iconic football stadiums. Here are the Top 5 Football Stadiums I’d love visiting.

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium
Located in London, Wembley Stadium is the world’s most celebrated sports stadium and is a place to visit if you want to relive the ascendancy and subordination of English international soccer. The home of English national team Wembley boasts a capacity of over 82,000 football lovers and is famously known across the world as the “home of football”.

Old Trafford Stadium

Old Trafford

Who hasn’t heard of the “Theatre of Dreams” as Sir Bobby Charlton famously dubbed it? Old Trafford the home of Manchester United since 1910 has a capacity of over 76,000. An amazing blend of historic yet modern architecture the stadium is the largest club stadium of any football team in the United Kingdom. The stadium features a museum displaying tons of franchise memorabilia, the Red Tunnel through which the Manchester United players have been storming out since 1993. Located in Manchester, the Old Trafford Stadium is also the only stadium in England that has the prestigious UEFA five-star rating (a ranking system for soccer venues around the world).

Betting is also possible to right there at the stadium for any football fans that would like to take a punt and since it is perfectly legal to bet in the UK, many betting brands have been in business for a while. These betting shops and betting sites have over the years developed a strong reputation, quality products, and commendable customer service. Betting on football has now become a worldwide phenomenon.

Emirates Stadium

Emirates Stadium

The Emirates Stadium, one of England’s new Football Cathedrals was replaced as Arsenal’s home ground after their previous home Highbury, seemed too small. Constructed and replaced as Arsenal’s home in 2006 the stadium has a capacity of over 60,000 fans and is the third largest stadium in England after Wembley and Old Trafford.

Anfield Stadium

Anfield Stadium

The sixth largest stadium in England, the Anfield Stadium has been the home of The Liverpool Football Club since their formation in 1892. Originally the home of Everton FC, the stadium now has a capacity of over 54,000 visitors. If you’re visiting the stadium do check out The Liverpool FC Story, the Club’s interactive museum where you can know about the club’s 120 years of history.

Stamford Bridge Stadium

Stamford Bridge

Stamford Bridge is one of the oldest football stadiums and has been home to Chelsea FC since its formation in 1905. The stadium has some added features such as the Chelsea Megastore, and an interactive visitor attraction called Chelsea World of Sport. To mark the 100th anniversary of the club in 2005, The Chelsea Museum or The Centenary Museum was also opened in 2005 which shows the club’s history through various programmes and memorabilia. Located in Fulham, the Stamford Bridge Stadium has a capacity of above 41,000 fans.

These are some of the most notable football stadiums in the UK which are worth visiting.

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