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Traveler’s guide to the most common hair care mistakes

Getting ready for another trip? Learn what hair care mistakes you should avoid and enjoy your time!

1. You ignore weather conditions

According to manhattan hair professionals, it’s essential to be aware of the weather conditions in the place of your destination. Different climate requires different techniques and products for keeping your hair in its best condition. Make sure you make a research before you hit the road for providing your mane with the most effective care.

2. You pack too many products

Obsession with hair products is one of the most common hair care mistakes among travelers. The vast majority of them tries to pack products for all of the life’s emergencies, but there is no need in them. You won’t have time to use all of them, so take only the essentials!

3. You’re not ready for bad hair days

Bad hair days will become more frequent when travelling, so you have to be ready. The best barbers in New York recommend purchasing a dry shampoo for your trip. This product is amazing for fixing greasy hair without actually washing it.

4. You shampoo very frequently

Since we take many pictures when travelling, we try to look our best and keep our hair ultimately clean. It’s important to find a balance in shampooing and avoid over-washing, so wash not more often than every other day. If your hair becomes greasy too quickly, hide it under a stylish hat!

5. You forget about hydration

I will never get tired of repeating that proper hydration is the main prerequisite of healthy hair. It’s easy to forget about this important fact when you’re busy exploring new places. If you don’t want to experience dryness, you should provide your hair with enough moisture even when you travel.

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