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Unforgettable vacation in cold countries

We have already talked about hair problems in the humid climate. Now it is time to discuss pleasant vacations in countries with endless winter. If you decided to visit, for example, Switzerland, Sweden or Canada you have to consider the fact that your hair needs extra care in cold climate, especially if you live somewhere in Miami or in San-Francisco. Snow and the cold wind will accompany you everywhere during the whole weekend, so we suggest you some hair care tips to protect your hair and prevent it from major damages.

#1 Static: reasons and ways to fight it

In 100% of cases static in hair is caused by lack of moisture. Especially this effect is increased in cold windy places. Use shampoo and conditioner with extra moisturizing effect and don’t neglect some additional hair care products, like moisturizing oils or creams. Apply some amount of it to your hair from roots to ends and let the product do its job.

#2 Wind, snow, and harm they cause

Unfortunately, it is not a myth: wind and snow really cause a lot of damage to your hair. Dryness, split ends, breakage all these problems can make you sad and spoil all happy moments of your vacation. The best way to avoid them is to cover your hair with a hat or hood. Girls who don’t wear them for the sake of beauty should understand how harmful it is for your hair. You can also use a special protecting serum (yes, there are such, not only for heat protection).

#3 Danger that is waiting for you indoors

Unfortunately, you cannot feel safe about your hair even staying indoors. The warm air inside is as harmful as cold one outside. Central heating can dry your hair and leave it full of static. So, if you spend a lot of time inside, again, make sure that you use enough moisturizing products to nourish your scalp and locks.

Don’t be afraid to travel and discover new countries. And we will take care of you during all your trips.

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