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Ways to protect your hair when travelling

 Not sure how to protect your hair when traveling? Check out these easy tips!

1. Wear A Hat

Wearing a hat is the easiest way to protect your hair and scalp from UV and lower the chances of damaging your hair. Yet, this can not be your only solution. Make sure to use several of the tips below for better protection.

2. Wear A Swim Cap

Using swim cap when in the pool or ocean will help to protect your hair from their harmful effects. It will reduce the chances of brittleness by keeping your hair from drying out.

3. Wet Your Hair Before Swimming

Wetting your hair with fresh water before entering the pool or the ocean will protect your hair from salt and chlorine and reduce the damage. Take a bottle of water to the beach or use a shower running fresh water to saturate your hair fully before going for a swim. Don’t forget to rinse your hair after swimming either.

4. Use A Sunscreen For Hair

Yes, sunscreen for hair is a thing, and it will help you to protect your hair from the harmful effect of the scorching sun. There is a whole range of different sunscreen sprays, which will spare you a couple of additional regenerative hair treatments at Barber Shops In New York.

5. Condition

Spending your time in the hot and humid areas is not the time to abandon your hair conditioner. In fact, traveling is the reason why you should condition even more because your hair is highly susceptible to the damage. Apply deep conditioner or even buy a leave-in one for stronger protection and nourishment.

Combine all of these tips to reduce the damage as much as possible and enjoy your vacation!

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