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What if Bollywood Actors were cast in Hollywood Movies? Here’s Who Would Play What?

So sitting in my drawing room, just browsing through some channels… I got an idea… What if Indian Bollywood Actors were part of Hollywood movies… Which actor would get what role? So I ran off to my computer and started working on this really fun article… So I hope you guys enjoy it…

Here are 7 B-town actors and actresses who can easily pull off these Hollywood roles:

Joleen Cox- Preity Zinta

Have you guys watched “Far From Home” featuring Drew Barrymore, Matt Frewer and Richard Masur? Doesn’t Preity Zinta Look a lot like Drew Barrymore in it?

Hulk- Salman Khan

Well, Only Bhai can fit in this role… Nothing more to be said!

Wonder Woman- Katrina Kaif

The elegance and the charm.. Katrina would fit perfectly!

Ethan Hunt- Akshay Kumar

He isn’t named Khiladi Kumar without a reason, right?

Cady Heron- Alia Bhatt

Sexy, grounded and caring, that’s Cady and Alia, both in a nutshell!

The Joker- Nawazuddin Siddiqui

After his amazing work in Kick… I always think he would play the Joker amazingly!

Black Widow- Priyanka Chopra

After playing the tough girl role in so many films, PC fits the role of Black Widow perfectly!

Want more of these? Let me know what actor do you think could play Hollywood roles better?

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