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Why I love Apple?

Apple Inc the brainchild of 2 Steves (Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak)  and a Ronald Wayne is one of the leading multinational company. An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away is a common quote but this Apple is not affordable every day and it attracts not only the doctor but many other people.

Having an Apple in India is a status symbol. Not everything about the Apple is good. But according to me, a Apple product is always worth the price. Packed with features that do wonders every time you buy one. This article is not just about the technical aspects but an overall look at the Apple products… be it build, feature and even the user experience.

Every time Apple launches a product the sales are well over the production, Against my friend Raj’s views, here I give you my point of view on “Why I love the Apple?”
One thing I like about buying an Apple product is the “ah” moment when you open the box and get it out for the first time.   That moment of admiring the design and congratulating yourself that you’ve spent your money well.      
As Jobs had always concentrated on the looks of Apple’s products, the company has now made it a habit to provide a much better feel for every new product it launches, be it the iPhones or the MacBooks. While reviewing the Apple iPhone 6 I had mentioned about the amazing build quality it had And the feel in the hand was also quite good. Well, Apple users may know every product launched is one-of-its-kind. Packed with a new feature for every product, The R&D department of Apple Inc is doing a great work according to me(Wish I get a job there, if any Apple executive is reading it…).
Looking at the software updates, Apple is quite occasional on providing updates to its users, be it major iOS updates or minor bug fixes. The Apple is quite good at doing that…
The user-friendly OS of the Apple products is another advantage for its users. Being a simple OS anyone can learn to use the iPhone in today’s  generation (my Lil bro can use it much better than me..!!!) One disadvantage is that its non-customizable, unlike the Android phones which can be customized according to our needs.
Just a few days ago I found myself browsing the Apple store website to read their returns policy and to my surprise, you can return any product to Apple within 14 days if you are unhappy with it for any reason!
Obviously, Apple does not want anyone to have a Macintosh computer and not be happy with it.
All I had to do was open my official Apple receipt e-mail and click on the order details, and then click on returns.
It gets better. On Apple’s returns to site, it says that due to  Christmas the return window has been extended and so rather than the normal 14 days, any computer purchased between now and Christmas can be returned up to the 14th January!
The bottom line: Apple doesn’t want anyone to have an Apple computer and not be happy with it.
Another reason why I love Apple.
When it comes to password protection and privacy on cell phones, Apple has a different approach, unlike other companies Apple has prevented anyone besides the user from accessing the data. Apple can’t access the information and neither can the police. The only loophole is when the user is using iCloud, law enforcement has access.
Apple Stated:
“Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it’s not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8.”
On one hand, I’m all about the privacy and personal protection. But on the other, what if an iPhone or iPad does have some sort of evidence that is vital for an investigation? No one will have access to such information due to Apple’s new protected user policy.
In 1977 when the Apple Computer company was created they put their principles down in a one-page paper called “The Apple Marketing Philosophy”. It had 3 points. Empathy, Focus, Impute.
Empathy was about empathy with the customer: Truly understanding the needs of the end user better than any other company.
Focus was about eliminating the lots of unimportant things so as to do a good job of the important.
Impute is about having the packaging impute a sense of quality into the product when the person opens the box, because people do judge a book by the cover.  Steve Jobs later said ” When you open the box of an iPhone or iPad, we want that tactile experience to set the tone for how you perceive the product”  (Steve Jobs p78)
Empathy is about understanding people. Focus is about doing a few things well. Impute is about good marketing. I think Apple still do all these things exceptionally well.
Bottomline: Apple Users can’t stay without an Apple.
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