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Winter is Here! Best Holiday Destinations for November!

I’ve always thought of November as the perfect month to travel. Most people are aware that the holiday season is coming soon, with long breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, and so they stay put for the rest of the month. But you should know that there are tons of deals to take advantage of around this time—not to mention the weather is lovely in what would typically be some of the hottest places in the world.

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Hong Kong

November is a great month to go to Hong Kong. It’s not too hot for a tippler in one of the rooftop bars overlooking Victoria Harbour, which lights up at 8pm every night for a light show; or for roaming around Chinatown. Foodies may get spoilt for choice here cause they may just start loving the food at the street stalls in Wan Chai. Also, don’t miss out on shopping and art, it’s a big business there. Also whenever you’re in Hong Kong don’t forget to visit the Disneyland, cause who misses out on the fun!


November is the perfect time for trekking in the Himalayas: it’s not too hot, the sky is clear enough to see where you’re going, the peaks and high passes are clear enough for trekking, and it’s the end of high season.

Whichever route you’re taking – the Annapurna Circuit and Everest are breathtakingly beautiful at this time of year – you’re likely to pass through Kathmandu. The gateway city is a remarkable place to spend a few days in before or after trekking: for the Buddhist monasteries and stupas, gardens, enchanting old buildings and colonial air, shopping and the insanely amazing street food.


Belize is one of few Central American countries where the official language is English, so you won’t suffer any language barrier issues. It’s also one of the few eco-focused destinations in terms of accommodations, with Belcampo, an amazing agritourism lodge, and Francis Ford Coppola’s Turtle Inn, a celebrity favorite.

It’ll soon get a food- and farm-focused retreat, Itz’ana, with around 39 stunning villas on the Placencia peninsula. Hurricane season tends to last from June to November, so time your trip for the end of the month—it’ll be perfect season and rates will be much lower.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The Iceland Airwaves music festival takes place between 2 and 6 November in Reykjavik in Iceland across various  venues in the city, including an old church. The line-up includes oodles of Icelandic bands as well as various acts from the UK and US. If you get bored of the bands, you could always check out a geyser or two elsewhere in Iceland.

Reykjavik doesn’t have the cheapest reputation but never fear: its lively student population ensures plenty of budget hostels and hotels.

Garo Hills, India

Rightly called the abode of clouds, Meghalaya appears to be one of the fascinating natural getaways in North-East India. Dotted with small hillocks, lush green pine trees, and a range of small and huge waterfalls, the state transcends the lovers of nature to a distinct level.

But I am telling you to head to the region of Garo Hills of Meghalaya in November. Because that’s when the celebrate the Wangala Festival, one of the most happening harvest festivals of north-east India. The festival is also known as the 100 drum Wanagala Festival. Traditional drum beating, blowing horns, and unlimited dance and merry making are a part of this festival. So Enjoy yourself!

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