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World Tourism Day? Best Holiday Destinations for October!

Since 1980s, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated September 27th as World Tourism Day. Happy World Tourism Day to all the readers! So without wasting anymore time, let’s just check out the best destinations to visit in October.

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Ibiza, Spain

Why should only Mike Posner have fun in Ibiza? The party scene is concentrated in the south of the island, in Ibiza Town and Sant Antoni, where a string of world-famous super clubs host sets by leading DJs from across the whole range of dance genres.

After a night immersed in the lights and beats of Space, Pacha or Sankeys,(Nightclubs in Ibiza) you need some immersive afternoon activities such as seeing some beautiful and historic small villages, the most magnificent one being D’Alt Vila, a weave of white houses and cobble streets enclosed by castle walls and battlements.


One of the most visitor-friendly countries of the Middle East, Jordan remains unrevealed by many. Yet there are quietly spectacular things to explore here: ancient and awe-inspiring Petra, the Roman city of Jerash, the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, great desert-scapes where you can stay overnight in a Bedouin camp.

In October there are still bright sunny days that light the rock of Petra up rose-red; but it is cool enough to journey into the Valley of the Moon on camel or horseback by day, and warm enough to sleep out under the starry sky by night.

Perugia, Italy

Chocolate fans book your ticket right now! Perugia becomes a choco paradise between October 14th and 23rd as the Eurochocolate exhibition oozes into town. Booths offer every single kind of chocolate you can think of, and the festival is famous for its giant chocolate sculptures.

Oh, and let’s not forget all those delicious chocolate liqueurs… Entrance to the festival is free, and you can find it scattered across various venues in the center of town. If you feel like extending your chocolate tour, stop by Bruges in Belgium, the chocolate capital of Europe!


It’s springtime in Mauritius in October; the weather is warming up after a long, warm winter. But it’s not yet humid or rainy. Trou aux Biches is rightfully one of the most popular beaches on Mauritius, thanks to its family-friendly shallow waters and white sands – but if you’re more into beach activities, Grand Baie offers water sports at large.

If anyone offers you a trip to Mauritius at any other time of year, I urge you not to turn it down. But October is definitely a steal.

Kutch, India

Well, if you have nowhere to go… Then why not join me in my journey to Kutch. It is the most surreal places in India, with a white salt desert and beautiful moonlight nights, Kutch lies in the westernmost part of India and it shares boundary with Pakistan.

With deserts, beaches, heritage palaces, delicious food, religious temples, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. all in the same district, Bhuj including Kutch is one of the few destination in India that offers almost everything at one place.

Kutch looks even more surreal on full-moon nights with light falling on the white salt desert . The beauty of the place and pleasant weather makes it one of the best places to visit in India during this time.

So to just let you guys know, I’ll be starting my journey to Kutch on October 28 and will continue exploring it till November 2. So if guys wanna know my exact locations be sure to follow me on my Twitter and Instagram pages!

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