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WOW- A World Without Internet


Have you ever stopped playing Candy Crush, and thought what would life be without the Internet?

Before I start saying anything on this topic, let’s see how much you know about the internet.

The world as we know it has changed dramatically in recent years, and it’s all thanks to that magical invention we all call the INTERNET.

So what would happen if, if the somebody accidentally Pulled the Plug on the Internet

Apart from teenagers like me screaming out loud, as we won’t be able to login to Facebook. The major Companies would lose their jobs!

Many older businesses have ’embraced’ the Internet, with the sole cause of connecting with the youth, but still, we’d find a good number of businesses still in a position to survive. Cause, many merely used the Internet as an advertising medium or extra virtual shop.

But that’s something the normal people won’t think about… So let’s make this article a fun experience.

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For better or worse, it’d look something like this:

1. Firstly, you won’t be reading this! (Such a relief, right?) 

2. You won’t understand this: 你將有一個生命!(You wouldn’t have Google Translate!) 

3. You’d be going to jail for stalking someone! 
4. Oh, you just clicked a selfie? Now you’ll need to print it to show it to your friends! 
5. You’d be visiting a doctor if you tweeted the whole day! 

6. You won’t be able to tell your friends what you had for lunch/dinner. (Thanks, Instagram!) 

7. You’d have to waste your day off on actually going to the mall to buy things! (What! No Online Shopping!) 

8. If you worked Online, you’d be….? 

But life wouldn’t be all that bad!

Well in today’s time, we are on the internet more than being with people we love or who love us. So if there was no internet we’d be spending more time with our loved ones!

It’s true Internet has become an integral part of our life and has influenced all aspects of our lives. I know it is very easy to get addicted to something which is as useful, fun, and interesting as it could get. But it may be equally difficult to renounce it, after all these years! The Internet has become a habit and for some the major source of employment. We, the younger generation, that has been on the Internet and made it our major source of communication and knowledge will perhaps be the worst affected. But many who have lived and experienced life before the Internet may find it comparatively easier to get back to those good old days!

The folks at Founders Forum collaborated with the World Wide Web Foundation, YouTube, Freud Communications, King Digital Entertainment and Stephen Fry to produce a spoof vision of what the world might look like without the Internet. The video features cameos from Internet giants, entrepreneurs and businesspeople who have made names for themselves online. So check it out!

A world without Internet, What!?
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