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Your Guide To Keeping Your Hair Healthy While Traveling

A lot of people tend to experience difficulty with keeping their hair soft and glossy on vacation. The drastically different environment, the change in lifestyle, and the lack of NYC hair salons nearby don’t make this task any easier. Here are main tips on how to keep your locks healthy when traveling!

1. Shield It

It does not matter when and where you decide to travel. Either way, you need to protect your locks from the harmful environment. Here some of the easiest and the most effective ways to do it properly.

  • Sunscreen. Your skin is not the only part of your body, which needs to be shielded from the UV rays. Fortunately for you, there is such thing as a sunscreen for your locks. Make sure to purchase one in your local drugstore before you leave home.
  • Headwear. Donning a cap or a hat is the simplest way to protect your mane. Not to mention you can kill two birds with one stone. You both reduce the damaging impact of the sun and look fashionable as hell. If you are planning on traveling to the windy area, opt for a silk scarf instead. Stick to the lighter colors, this way you can avoid getting a heat stroke.
  • Water. Use fresh water to prevent your tresses from turning green after you decide to take a swim in the nearest body of water. It will penetrate the shafts of your hair and won’t allow the nasty gunk to cling to the cuticles.

2. Nourish It

Even the aforementioned precautions won’t be able to prevent your locks from getting dry and frizzy. If you wish to avoid this particular problem, stick to these recommendations:

  • Drink water. Moisturize your hair from inside. Consume the necessary amount of water if you want your tresses to keep their shine and silkiness. Remember, if you are traveling to the hot and humid area, your intake of water should double.
  • Mix some DIY masks. Go to the nearest food market and buy some fruit to make a nourishing hair mask!
  • Condition. Do not ditch your conditioner when on vacation. Make sure to use it every single time you shampoo your mane.

Follow these simple tips if you want to keep your hair healthy when traveling!

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